C.A Eduyoung LTD. is continually striving to achieve 'zero incidents’ by holding ourselves accountable for our individual and team’s health, safety, security and for keeping the environment free from harm and pollution. In its onshore and offshore operation.

  • Leadership: we are visible leaders at all levels and demonstrate a genuine commitment to HSSE.
  • Risk Management: We keep our team safe and prevent pollution of the environment by identifying and assessing and controlling risks.
  • Planning: we set clear HSSE goals, objectives, expectations and targets to deliver our business plan safely.
  • People and Capability: we carefully select and train our team so that they are able to perform their work safely.
  • Communication, Consultation and Documentation: We keep people informed and ensure team members are consulted on any HSSE matters that might affect them.
  • Operations and maintenance: we operate and maintain our facilities safely, the way they were designed.
  • Incident Management and Learning: we learn from incidents and take the necessary actions so that they don't happen again.
  • Governance: we regularly check to ensure all our HSSE expectations and obligations are met.
  • Management Review: we regularly review our HSSE performance and make adjustment in support of our goal of zero injuries
  • Performance Management and Monitoring: we monitor our HSSE performance and always seek better ways of improvement.

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